You don't need a teacher anymore. You can start from any topic/grade, should setup the goal (for example, want to get 55 score for ACT MATH) and start to train yourself. The system will give you exercises, analyze your answers and find the zones you need to improve. Later the system will help you to explain topic you need to know and will give you right portion of exercises until you have stable positive result. After this topic will be counted as closed, but after some time the system will check how you good you are in this topic. If you have always positive result - the system will forget about this topic for a wile.  

The system will train you. When you will stable achieve your goals the system will say you are done. Also the system will provide you core you have and daily progress. Technology will help improve yourself easy and fast.  

In your profile page you will see you begin score, progress and how much you need to achieve. All lessons will be created for you based on skills and knowledge you have. 

Just do it!