If you chose us we make a good decision. We are a software development firm specializing in Software development. We create Java Application, including Java Application Design, Development and Maintenance for web, enterprise, mobile, and cloud deployment. We create simple and really complected solutions in Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Bash, HTML and CSS. We create Web services (Restful and SOAP), we use BigData as well as relative database and new technology such Storm, Kafka and other. Our main focus is Java Applications, but we create PHP solutions. For PHP solution we use frameworks, our own libraries and popular CMS System. Awesome sweb-site we can do for 3 days. CDB Systems accelerates deployment of your application by tapping into a vast library of pre-built assets, reusable frameworks and ready-to-integrate code. 

With our in-depth understanding and expertise in Java technologies, we offer robust and high performance Java solutions. We work with offshore team in Russia, and it helps us to give you really good price for our service.  We help our clients select the right Java architecture and apply best practices and methodologies to design and develop robust secure and scalable Java applications. We are professionals in Java development, PLSQL development, SQL development. We know a lot of about SQL tuning and SQL optimization.