You may focus on your business while we focus on IT technologies

Who are we? We are nice smart people who work together to realize our dreams. We lead the new technology, design, approaches and we may help our client in other questions: how they could improve them business. CDB Systems is software development and IT consulting American company who works for the clients over 10 years. We create web sites and software solutions for all customer needs.


We are the team of IT professionals, and we create solutions and set up environments. We use Java, Scala, PHP languages, database (Oracle, Big Data and other) and work with cloud environments (AWS and others). We can create awesome websites faster and cheaper then other companies. At the same time we have an experience to work with Curam and other specific IT product.


Website creation

From modern website for $500 to really complected Enterprise level solution.

You will get the best solution for your money. You will pay fair price and will get the best result in the short time. We can create beautiful web-site using awesome template on Wordpress, Joomla or can create custom development web-site. We are going to talk in detail today about the best approaches to create great web-site and save your money.

Software development (Java, Scala, Python, PHP, JAvaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, NoSQL)

CDB Systems started as a Web-development and Java development company in 2007. With more than a 10 year long experience our Development team (Java, PHP, Database, Cloud Solutions) helps deliver solutions for a wide range of industries: e-commerce; automotive; telecommunications; finance; accounting; production; healthcare and others.

Social Media Consulting and Internet promoting

Promotion on the social media, in Google search and in particular professional catalogs brings more customers to the business. A strategic and well planned marketing is the job of the experts. A social media consultancy yields a lot of profit with no investment.

Art for home and office

Our artists create handmade painting for home and office.

If you have any questions please be free to ask us.



  • Java (Java 8, Java 7, Java 6)
  • Scala
  • Groovy on Grails
  • JavaScript + JS frameworks (AngularJS, ..)
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Bash


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL
  • MS SQL
  • Aurora AWS 


  • AWS (migration, EC2, S3, ...)
  • Storm
  • Kafka
  • Cloud databases
  • Cloud applications


Our mission is to do world better by creation of quality software and helping people and companies to achieve their goals. We provide our clients the best service in software development and IT consulting, help them in the cloud environment and make each software available to everyone, everywhere, used modern solutions, security approaches and technologies.

Our professionals have over 15 years IT experience and work in offices of our clients and remotely. We work with our offshore partners from Russia and may give you the best prices. We help our clients to achieve them goals in all IT questions including software development (Java development and PHP development), integration, migration, and Infrastructure projects (including DevOpps projects). We support environments of our clients including AWS (Amazon Web Services) and other cloud environments.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure” Colin Powell

Industry experience

 Our specialists have over 15 years of experience in the real IT projects. We have industry experience:

  • Consumer Products & Retail,
  • Healthcare,
  • Energy,
  • Investment Banking / Corporate Finance,
  • Technology / Manufacturing,
  • Financial,
  • Non-Profit.

And we are ready to share our knowledge and skills with new clients. If our clients happy we are happy.