Oleg is Software Developer. He knows AWS, Java, Python, Scala, PHP (WordPress), SQL (MySQL), Linux/Unix, SEO and other things. He worked on project for AELines Inc website creation, AElines SEO project, AlfaSolution creation and other projects. Oleg passionates in IT technology, he likes people and he has an interest to business as well.

He is a nice person and awesome team player. We are happy to work with him. He brought in our team enthusiasm and good mood. Oleg loves to travel and to meet with people. 

Natalia is a great photographer, designer and journalist. She is absolutely creative person inspired by Art: "I am a sponge. Put me in any environment. And I will start to revive, to be filled with life. And then I'll spend myself without a trace. But the environment will be changed. Fill me with blue, I will give a dreamy-turquoise or sad indigo. I am an artist. I live with emotions, feelings, instants. I am a portraitist. I copy your movements, look into your eyes, penetrate into your soul, become by you. Trust me. It will last a few seconds. Even less. Only for the duration of the movement of the petals of the diaphragm. I'm just waiting. I wait, when in your eyes life will flash, instead of an empty posing to the chamber."

Anna is a great designer, web designer and artist. She understands clients at a glance. We have a lot of really great feedback from our clients about her work: "I was looking at my website tonight. It really looks good. Did you add more color to the yellow version of the website? I really like it. It's much better gold, it's rich and more deep. I think it goes well with my beautiful logo. l like orange but the Orange is more modern color. You're doing a great job. Thank you." or another one: "Website is  looking good. I like photos, description and our logo is awesome."

Tanya is a great business analyst and QA. She is a great communicator with strong presentation skills. Within her 15 years ion experience she has travelled across many area’s including Operations, Marketing, Accounting, IT and web design. She knows a lot of things about IT solutions, CRM systems and web design. Tanya helped our customers with different projects: aelinescustomehome.com, e-commerce (Chicago kids furniture e-commerce platform) and others. Tanya really loves people. And our clients love Tanya very much. When Tanya isn’t working, she loves to travel. Trips overseas and spending time with her family are things she looks forward to. But when at home, you will find Tanya in her kitchen cooking up a storm, another one of her passions.