07 Apr

Apache web server running on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Linux instance is intermittently unresponsive and freezing. After checking log file:

$ sudo su

$ vi /var/log/messages

Out of memory error was found.


16 Jul

We continue topic  -bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory issue in EC2 (Wordpress) environment and now e can talk about second step: Apache optimization. The reason is kernel may kill your processes. The kernel would only kill a process under exceptional circumstances such as extreme resource starvation (think mem+swap exhaustion). In this situation your EC2 will work fine but your website / ssh access or something else will not. How we can resolve it?

09 Jul

If you use AWS Free Tier (12 Month Introductory Period) and did all steps according to our article " Setting Up WordPress on Amazon EC2" you may see "-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory" issue. How can you resolve it?