Main mistake of all new website owners is expectation of many calls, emails and other activities after your website creation. But nobody knows about your website including google, yahoo, bingo and other search engines. They may try to type particular name of company or domain name into Google search line, but cannot see the website into first, second,..., fifty pages. 

The second step after creation your website is a SEO optimization. This is step is really important, labor-intensive and invisible. This is why it's so hard to explain clients what's going on. 

SEO work consists of different directions / steps:

1. SEO optimization of your website (developer work).

2. Adding your website into catalogs / google map /... 

3. Work with Google analytics and other resource for user behavior analyze.

4. Ping google and other search engine - please add the website into your crawl work.

5. Social network accounts creation.

6. Content! your content should be really useful for people. Google doesn't like advertisement,  he likes useful articles which may help people with requests.

7. Sharing new content: social networks, blogs.

8. 6-7:  repeat. Your website should be alive. Something should happens each day.