26 May

It's easy process to install maven

1. Download maven

2. Unzip archive and copy/move it to a particular folder

3. Set up environment variables.

4. Go to MAVEN_ROOT\conf and update information about proxy in settings.xml file

5. Copy settings.xml file into Users/your_login/.m2 directory

6. Check how it works: maven clean install

30 Apr

Terminal commands for Mac

If you're working in Terminal on your Mac (Or Linux environment), you need to know the most important UNIX commands: those that work with directories, with files and helps to type your scripts faster.

18 Oct

Web Sphere 8.5 installation

In order to install IBM WebSphere Server you need to install IBM Installer Manager first and then install IBM WebSphere Server v8.5 from IBM Installer Manager.

Follow installation steps below: