03 Dec

Who is a good software developer?

Technical Interview process is really complicated. Some company give tests, ask a lot of technical details, ask to write code on white board. But the really good developer may be not selected but this way.

19 Nov

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAS)

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAS) is used for securely control to AWS services and resources for users.

13 Nov

Why AWS? 

Our clients asked us - Why AWS? Who is the best cloud web services provider? Why you recommend us to choose AWS?
We will begin to talk about AWS. And we will start from historical review.

10 Nov

Software development language proficiency

Software developers use different languages to create applications. Why? What is difference?

20 Oct

Java, best practices: equals and hashCode

Developers know that the should override methods equals and hashCode, but ask about the best practices to do that. 

23 Aug

Main mistake of all new website owners is expectation of many calls, emails and other activities after your website creation. But nobody knows about your website including google, yahoo, bingo and other search engines. They may try to type particular name of company or domain name into Google search line, but cannot see the website into first, second,..., fifty pages. 

28 Jul

Sometimes we need to manipulate with archive: WAR / JAR

The most useful command for WAR/JAR manipulation

21 Jul

Introduction to the Java EE Architecture

Today, more and more developers want to write distributed transactional applications for the enterprise and leverage the speed, security, and reliability of server-side technology. If you are already working in this area, you know that in today's fast-moving and demanding world of e-commerce and information technology, enterprise applications have to be designed, built, and produced for less money, faster, and with fewer resources than ever before.

17 Jul

Sometimes we need to say Google to fetch or refetch our website or particular pages. How can we do that?