07 Sep

Oracle cold backup

If your Database in "NOARCHIVELOG" mode, you can do cold backup only.

06 Sep

Collection of useful JUnit methods for day by day testing

This collection of JUnit methods helps developers to check data and to create robust Java applications (and Unit tests).

02 Sep

Java coding test: String/Array/Collections

An algorithm problem's input is often a string, array or collections. You may write the code on the white board. If you know better way to write code in Java 8 it give you additional advantages. 

02 Sep

Collection of Java regex patterns

This collections of patterns for regular expressions help developers to check data and to create robust Java applications.

01 Sep

List of developer's tools

Developers needs to get some tools to create quality code faster. We gave the list of developers tools which developers may use.

30 Aug

Programmer Tools: color palette

The table shows the list of colors, color tone and shows its value in hexadecimal and decimal system.

29 Aug

How to Install Apache Tomcat 8 (on Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu) and Get Started with Java Servlet Programming 

This installation and configuration guide is applicable to Tomcat 7 and 8, and possibly the earlier versions.

Take note that Tomcat 8 requires JDK 1.7. It will NOT work with JDK 1.6. If your JDK is below 1.7, upgrade it (See JDK How-To). You can check your JDK version via command javac -version.

21 Aug

Basic Linux and Windows commands you need to know

These commands will help you to do main things in your command line. And you may compare Windows and Linux commands in the same place.

20 Jul

Main maven commands (maven goals) :

mvn clean install more popular command : clean old target files, verify and install you application

mvn --version - take a look a version of Maven you installed, and you may check is it work or not.

mvn archetype:generate generate standard structure for the project

04 Jul

Websphere issue: "Application already exists in the configuration repository"

Sometime developers may see this error when they try to install application into WebSphere server. The reason is old files in the temperary folders. What developer should do?