20 Jun

Sometimes we need to make a decision which technology to choose, what kind of software developer language we need to use. If developer will make that decision he or she will choose language which he/she knows or which technology he/she wants to know (which language or technology will be the best for the resume :) ) . But What we need to know about languages?

15 Jun

List of environment variables Java developer needs to set up

 Some developers asked us questions about environment variables, about install settings. We collect all common used environment variables into one table. We hope it will be helpful for developers.

26 May

It's easy process to install maven

1. Download maven

2. Unzip archive and copy/move it to a particular folder

3. Set up environment variables.

4. Go to MAVEN_ROOT\conf and update information about proxy in settings.xml file

5. Copy settings.xml file into Users/your_login/.m2 directory

6. Check how it works: maven clean install

30 Apr

Terminal commands for Mac

If you're working in Terminal on your Mac (Or Linux environment), you need to know the most important UNIX commands: those that work with directories, with files and helps to type your scripts faster.

18 Oct

Web Sphere 8.5 installation

In order to install IBM WebSphere Server you need to install IBM Installer Manager first and then install IBM WebSphere Server v8.5 from IBM Installer Manager.

Follow installation steps below:

11 Jul
07 Jul

Twenty years ago "clouds" meant other thing what we think about it know. IT specialists got good salary. It was hard to find DBA and Infrastructure engineers. But now for DBA and Infrastructure engineers it's not easy to find new good job. Why? What did change? 

12 Jun

Basic WebSphere commands

Even you are not the infrastructure support guy, but you develop code for Websphere you need to know "emergency" commands for your WebSphere environment/

18 Feb

Architecture overview of Facebook (2010)

Each of us knows/uses Facebook. This social network solution is very popular in the world. But for IT specialists the Facebook solution is very interesting from other prospect: Facebook's gays each day solve the problems and create technology which really works for millions users! How the can do it?