Our clients asked us - how they can take awesome pictures for website? How they could do it in IPhone? How they can do it for interiors?  We are ready to share some tips which help you to do your best and create original professional photos.  

Our clients asked us - What is a website builder?  Can they create amazing website by yourself. Or can we use them website builder to create what they want?

Our clients asked us - What are the SEO results for a new website ? When we can see some SEO results? 

Our clients asked us - What does "alive website" mean?

Our clients asked us - How we can do our website alive?

Our clients asked us - What kind of social network we should use for good SEO?

Our clients asked us - Why the results by keyword search we can see in one year minimum for a new website?

Our clients asked us - Should we do any SEO work in the first year? Should we wait?

Our clients asked us - How much website design will cost? And we ask them: What kind of website do you need❓What kind of website do you need? 

If you are a small business you think that you need website. Yes, it’s normal to have website, but what kind of website do you need? And Why?

After website creation people expect to see a lot of phone calls, massages, any other activity. But it not happen. Why?