Our clients asked us - What is a website builder?  Can they create amazing website by yourself. Or can we use them website builder to create what they want?

What is a website builder? 

Some website holsters provide tools which help to create simple websites without manual coding.  


  1. it's may be free for you.
  2. You may create your website fast.


  1. Usually your website is a part of this hosting. If you want to change hosting provider (expensive, not good quality) - you can note move your website to another place.
  2. It's a good solution for really simple websites: one-three pages, but if you want to create something more interesting or more complicated it may be really hard or even not possible task. It looks like you need to create each particular page from scratch with really limit types or resources, and this is not a good way to do it. Use CMS solutions like Wordpress or Joomla for these purposes.
  3. Sometimes you cannot change domain name for your website: if you want to see yourwebsite.com - but you cannot change the name you have.

Before making a decision to use website builder answer the questions:

  1. Should be your website like really commercial website?
  2. Will your website consist photo gallery or something interesting or modern?
  3. Should your website talk about you that you are high professional?

If you answer yes for all questions or even any question -don't use website builders.

What you may use? CMS or your original website development by professionals.