Our clients asked us - How much website design will cost? And we ask them: What kind of website do you need❓What kind of website do you need? 

If you are a small business you think that you need website. Yes, it’s normal to have website, but what kind of website do you need? And Why?

What kind of options do you have?

First, why do you need the website (its may be multi choice list of options):
- e-commercial Website to sell something 
- Imaged Website with static information
- Imaged website showed project results and client testimonials,
- Website with some application (for example, price calculator using third part services)
- Website where client may pay for service/goods.

♨️Now we will present options of website development:

- Custom developed unique website used one of important languages (php, java, ruby, something else? ), price $3,000+++
- Awesome CMS website (Wordpress, joomla, something else? ) $400 - $2,000
- Website like one long page with all particular information. $400 +

Web design agency will sell you option #1. Why? More money 

But what do you really need. It will depend on stereotypes in your business area. For example, if client will think  “it’s too cool website => it would be expensive” and will not call you - maybe this is not expected effect?

Or you need a lot of content updates (which we can do by yourself) - in first case you will pay a lot of money for each small changes, but if you have CMS system you may do it by yourself or will pay for support $100 or $200 per month.

In third case: you don’t need content support- only hosting support: it may be cheaper.

Who are your clients? Where you can reach them? Maybe you need to have accounts in social networks and focus on promoting your account in social networks?

For your particular situation you may ask us and we will help you.

FYI we help to promote social network accounts and your content in internet.