Our clients asked us - how they can take awesome pictures for website? How they could do it in IPhone? How they can do it for interiors?  We are ready to share some tips which help you to do your best and create original professional photos.  

For good interior photos you need 

  • Use Wide Angle Lens

You may buy  Wide Angle Lens for your IPhone. And it will work!

Be careful! Wide-angle lenses can be good at keeping vertical and horizontal lines straight, but only when the camera is pointed straight ahead. Any slight downward or upward angle can result in distorted lines, particularly along the edges. Keeping the camera level with the horizon, and perpendicular, will provide nice, straight lines that require little or no correction in post processing.

  • Use HDR

Don't take photo of window in the middle of day, do it in sunset/sunrise (added a lot of lights - you may bring additional lights)  One way to fix the dynamic range problem is simply to wait for the equalization point. The equalization point is when the light outside matches the brightness of the interior lighting (dusk and dawn). If you need to take a photo in the day time - close the blinds. Add more light.

  • Take photos from window 

Use day lights.

  • Add more light as you can
  • Get the exposure right

Click on the most light part on the your picture - white wall or something else.

  • You can take a photo a room outside of house

Take photo of the room outside of house through window. It help you to be far from the your room.

  • Use flash
  • Take a look real estates magazines and some decoration

Add some decor to the front of your photo, don't take a photo of empty rooms.

  • Take photos of homes with Natural Lighting
  • Take photos of homes with Homes with Artificial Lighting (dusk and dawn)


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